Educational projects supported in large:

Verna Averill Scholarship – $2000 to MCI student each year since 2009 – presented to a Minnedosa Collegiate graduate enrolled in an Education Faculty or University 1 with the expressed intent of pursuing Education.

Learn more about the history of this scholarship. 

Shawn Cooper Memorial Scholarship $200 a year since 2015 – to a student exhibiting the upstanding character, love of nature, and devotion to family and community that was Shawn’s legacy.

Dr. Khandalwal Scholarship $500 a year since 2016 – to a graduating student entering the field of Health Care. This scholarship will rotate annually among the four collegiates in Rolling River School Division.

2019 Grad Scholarship Recipients

2018 Grad Scholarship Recipients


Child Care Coop – $15,250 since 2005

Tanner’s Crossing School programs and initiatives

  • TCS Parent Council – $ 12,000 for Courtyard and new playground since 2009
  • TCS Student Wellness – $ 5,000 since 2010

All recent grants

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