Educational projects supported in large:

Verna Averill Scholarship – $2000 to MCI student each year since 2009 – presented to a Minnedosa Collegiate graduate enrolled in an Education Faculty or University 1 with the expressed intent of pursuing Education.

Learn more about the history of this scholarship. 

Shawn Cooper Memorial Scholarship $200 a year since 2015 – to a student exhibiting the upstanding character, love of nature, and devotion to family and community that was Shawn’s legacy.

Dr. Khandalwal Scholarship $500 a year since 2016 – to a graduating student entering the field of Health Care. This scholarship will rotate annually among the four collegiates in Rolling River School Division.

2018 Grad Grant Recipients

Child Care Coop – $15,250 since 2005

Tanner’s Crossing School programs and initiatives

  • TCS Parent Council – $ 12,000 for Courtyard and new playground since 2009
  • TCS Student Wellness – $ 5,000 since 2010

All recent grants

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