The Smart and Caring Community Fund (formerly was the General Endowment Fund)

You may make a donation to the Foundation at any time and entrust them with placing your donation where it is needed most. The Foundation is happy to support local recreation, arts, community services, and education.

You may simply donate money to the Minnedosa and District Foundation or consider doing the following:

Make a Special Gift

  • Make a gift in memory of a loved one
  • Include the Foundation in an annual charitable contribution
  • Think of the Foundation when you are collecting for an event and want to leave a donation to charity.
  • Instead of gifts or flowers at a birthday or anniversary, suggest a donation to the Foundation.

Larger Gifts

  • Take advantage of tax incentives by leaving a gift to charities in your will.  This not only allows you to leave much needed money to a community charity, but also lessens the tax bill for your estate, leaving more for your loved ones.
  • Leave a life insurance policy with the benefactor the Minnedosa & District Foundation

However you choose to leave your legacy we will be happy to work with you to achieve your goal. Feel free to ask us any question you may have about donating.

If you are interested in contributing to the Foundation and the community, pick up a donation envelope at Minnedosa Insurance or from a board member, or donate online.

Verna Averill Memorial Fund

In 2010, the Minnedosa and District Foundation received a $1,000,000.00 bequest from the estate of Verna Averill. After some other bequests the balance of Verna’s estate was left to the Foundation.

Having grown up and gone to school in Basswood, Verna taught in small schools, which inspired her love and appreciation for the efforts of local organizations and their fundraising activities. Along with her husband Leonard Averill, Verna was always willing to donate to any local cause, and always had an interest in the community and education.

Her significant donation has allowed the Minnedosa and District Foundation to continue the giving that had always been a part of Verna and Leonard Averill’s life.

With Verna’s donation and another $65,000.00 from Leonard’s estate and other numerous estate bequests and donations the Foundation now has over 1.3 Million dollars in perpetuity and will be able to donate the interest generated from these funds back into the community each year. This donation has the potential of putting over $1,000,000.00 back into the community over the next 20 years. This will allow Verna Averill, through the Foundation, to continue her desire to help local causes and provide much needed funding for these causes.

Shawn Cooper Memorial Fund

The Cooper family established the Shawn Cooper Memorial Scholarship Fund in August 2014, one month after Shawn’s tragic death. At 25 years old, Shawn was struck by a vehicle while walking home with his sister after the final Rockin’ The Fields concert.

Shawn graduated from Minnedosa Collegiate Institute in 2007, and was entering his second and final year at Red River College studying Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

He enjoyed hunting and fishing, woodworking and taxidermy, and had a keen interest in antiques, coin collecting, and hockey memorabilia. Shawn was a kind and gentle soul, and is sadly missed by his parents Dave & Cheryl and his sister Jennifer.

The Shawn Cooper Memorial Scholarship Fund is an open Fund, where the Foundation will accept donations at any time, and award a scholarship to a Minnedosa Collegiate graduate each year in Shawn’s name. The Foundation will make details of this Scholarship public at a later date.

To donate to this fund, ask for a donation envelope at Minnedosa Insurance or from a Board Member, or donate online. 

Minnedosa Heritage Village and Museum Fund

The Minnedosa District Museum and Heritage Village Fund was established during the summer of 2014.

You can now make charitable and “In Memorial” donations directly to this Fund, and through the Minnedosa Foundation you will receive a charitable donations receipt. Donors can be confident that these gifts will generate funds to be used only for, and at the discretion of, the Minnedosa District Museum and Heritage Village Board. Board Member Susan Proven generously contributed the initial donation to establish the Fund.


Dr. Khandelwal Family Scholarship Fund


Dr. A. J. Khandelwal has been a family Physician and Surgeon for many years in Minnedosa. His son, Sanjay Khandelwal is a physician in Langley, B.C. Through their generosity, a Scholarship Fund has been established offering the following:

  1. The Indu Bala Khandelwal Scholarship,of $500. awarded annually to a graduating student of Erickson Collegiate furthering his/her education in the Health Field (beginning 2017)
  2. The Dr. A.J. Khandelwal Scholarship of $500. Awarded annually to a graduating student furthering his/her education in the Health Field, to be rotated among the remaining 3 High Schools in the Rolling River School Division. (Beginning 2016)

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