In 1974, Adam Crossley left $15,604.26 of his estate to serve the people of Minnedosa and district. With Crossley’s estate and a $100.00 donation in memory of Maxine Stewart, the Foundation was an established local charity.

The Minnedosa Town Council appointed James Chipperfield, Ed Taylor, and Hazel Vellam to the first serving board of the Foundation.

Shortly after the Foundation’s inception in 1975, it created the first “In Memorian” donation envelope, a version of which is still available today to make donations in loved one’s names. Local groups and people started taking interest in the money the Foundation was collecting, and that is how the Foundation began giving, what are now, annual grants.

In the next 30 years, as donations came in slowly, the Foundation tried to inform the people of Minnedosa and area of its role, while continuing to give annual grants to local projects and organizations to better the community.

In 2008, the Foundation sponsored the Minnedosa Homecoming Opening Ceremonies, and began a luncheon to recognize grant recipients each year. It also created annual/semi-annual newsletters, which are still published to date.

Since initial donations in memory of Maxine Stewart and Adam Crossley, the Foundation has relied on the citizens of Minnedosa and area to grow its funds. Historically citizens have made memorial donations, estate donations, and straight tax deductible donations to increase the Foundation’s assets. Today, the Foundation has a wide variety of donation options you can explore here.

Community Donations of $500 and more to date:

Neil Cameron  $                   500
Minnedosa Rotary Club (EMS Fund)  $               5,000
Minnedosa & District Health Auxilary (EMS Fund)  $               5,000
Minnedosa Lions Club  $               2,000
David Tesarowski  $                   500
Jack Gibbons  $                   700
Bette Paterson  $               1,000
Minnedosa Chamber of Commerce (in honour of Burgess Family)  $               2,000
Minnedosa Christmas Dinner Fund 2015  $                   500
Jean Burton  $                   800
RBC  $               2,000
Minnedosa Tribune  $                   865
Minnedosa Heritage Coop  $                   500
Audra Caughill  $               1,000
Ladies Orange Benevolent organization  $                   600
Rick Everett Memoriam  $               2,029
Red River Valley Insurance Co.  $               5,000
Betty Steffens  $               1,000
Susan Proven  $               1,000


Estate Donations:

Adam Crossley  $               15,604
W.M. Burgess  $                  1,000
Art Wilson  $                  5,000
Jack Wareham  $               23,473
Dora Marsh  $               22,955
Raymond Girling  $             122,618
Len Averill  $               65,673
Verna Averill  $         1,061,846


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