Rolling River Festival of the Arts
The Minnedosa & District Foundation continues to support the Rolling River Festival of the Arts on an annual basis.  Every March, this worthwhile event showcases the talents of individuals in Minnedosa and the surrounding area.  Since 1983 we have contributed $10,900 to help out with the costs of this event.

Minnedosa Performing Arts – Expression Concert Series
The Minnedosa Foundation is proud to support the Expressions Concerts Series. The Expressions Concert Series brings unique performers, ensembles, comedy acts and drama to our local stage. Since 2004, our support has been $11,600.

Minnedosa Drama Club

Every Spring and Fall, the Minnedosa Drama Club continues to bring great plays and entertainment to Minnedosa. To date the Drama club has put on numerous drama acts including The Mouse Trap, Artiface, Those were the Days and Corner Gas just to name a few! The Foundation has helped the Club with grants totalling $6,500.00 since 2013.

Minnedosa Regional Library

In June of 1978 the current Minnedosa Regional Library opened it doors to the public. Since then, the Library has seen many changes. Most recently the flood in late June – early July of 2020 destroyed the interior of the building. The Minnedosa and District Foundation sees the need for the Library and has granted $14,000 to the Library since its opening in 1978.

Minnedosa District Museum and Heritage Village 
In 1962 a white cinder block building was built on 2nd Avenue NW to house a museum. This building was the home of the Minnedosa Museum until May of 1995. By that time, the collectibles had outgrown the space required to properly display them and visions emerged of a Heritage Village down by the river. In 1995, a decision was made to move the contents of the original museum, to the old Hydro Building. This building was designated a Heritage Building in 1993. On July 2, 1995, the official opening of the new museum took place. This move to a new location was the beginning of what has become known as the Minnedosa Heritage Village. Today there is a pioneer village featuring nine restored heritage buildings which are furnished with period artifacts from days gone by, water wheel, trout pond and a windmill. Since 1990, The Minnedosa and District Foundation has granted $34,950 to this wonderful Minnedosa attraction.

Band Parents’ Association
Since 1993 the Foundation has been helping the Band Parents’ Association who works with the elementary and high school band programs to provide new instruments for the band. There has been a total of $10,200 granted to this project over the years.

All recent grants.

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